XLIFF is an OASIS Standard, it's purpose is to provide users with a standard file format, independent of any single application, to transfer data that requires translation into other languages. It provides users with interoperability capabilities between content creating applications and translation software. It's commonly used in the development and translation of software applications and eLearning courses.

Pairaphrase supports XLIFF 2.0 files. Users can import, translate & edit, and export XLIFF 2.0 files with Pairaphrase and any application that generates XLIFF 2.0 files and supports translation and the import and export of XLIFF 2.0 files.

Pairaphrase does not support XLIFF 1.x. XLIFF 2.0 and XLIFF 1.x are significantly different and are not backwards compatible. XLIFF 2.0 features include improved segmentation, improved file structure and reduced complexity, making it easier to parse.

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