To deliver all its functionality and deliver optimal results, Pairaphrase must send users certain emails. These emails are system level emails required to complete a task. Functions like two-step authentication, auto-verification and other security features require Pairaprhase to send its users emails. Sometimes users will experience issues with receiving emails from Pairaphrase. This usually happens when you first subscribe or when you upgrade your email software. Other times, this is just your IT security software at work.

Check Your Email Spam/Junk Folder
Depending on your own computer's settings, our emails may be delivered to your Spam/Junk folder and you may need to tell your email software that these emails are safe in order to receive them.

Whitelist Pairaphrase Emails.
Many times system level emails will be blacklisted by an organization's email security software by default. This is just your IT security software at work. In this case, your IT Manager will need to whitelist these emails in order for you to receive them.

There can be several reasons whey you are not receiving Pairaprhase emails. First, check your Spam/Junk mail folder. If you don't find any emails there, then contact your IT Manager. Make sure your organization whitelists Pairaphrase to receive an optimal performance from your Pairaphrase subscription. If you continue to experience issues, contact Pairaphrase support online Chat.

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