Pairaphrase can translate a file that contains more than one language. These are commonly called bilingual files. They contain both; some text in one language and some text in another language. The translation process is the same; you choose the source and target language that you want to translate into, upload the file and press the translation button. Pairaphrase will return a translated file with the two languages in it.

For instance, if a file contains English and Spanish and you want to translate the Spanish text into English, simply choose Spanish as the source language and Pairaphrase will return a file with both the original English text and the Spanish text translated into English.  

You can also translate into a 3rd language, for instance; you can translate the Spanish text into German and Pairaphrase will return a German and English file instead. Only translating the Spanish text, leaving the English text in place.

What Can't it Do?
Pairaphase cannot translate two languages into a 3rd language simultaneously. You'll need to translate those file twice. One time for each source language and then organize them into one file. 

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