Pairaphrase became fully GDPR compliant in May of 2018. 

What Makes Pairaphrase GDPR Compliant?

1. The Option to Delete Your Account

You might have heard of the phrase “the right to be forgotten.” This has been used during many data-related disputes between individuals and tech companies. But now, it applies to GDPR.

Pairaphrase users can delete their account and their history. Pairaphrase makes it easy to delete your account. When you do, Pairaphrase removes your entire profile, contact information, user history and any data or files you’ve uploaded. 

None of your information or files is stored in the system after account deletion.

In short, it should be as if you never existed as a subscriber. Payment history is kept for as long as necessary to be in compliance with IRS regulations and reporting. 

2. Requires Customer Consent

GDPR compliance requires users to give consent to the processing and storing of their data. Users can opt out of marketing emails at anytime. Certain application emails are necessary for Pairaphrase to operate correctly. All users must receive these emails in order for Pairaphrase to function correctly. These emails are only triggered by user actions when using Pairaphrase. 

3. Data Confidentiality

Pairaphrase does not sell or share any of your data with third parties. We only share data that is required for Pairaphrase to operate correctly.

You should check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information about GDPR compliance.

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