Two-step authentication, otherwise known as two-factor or multi-factor authentication, is a way to ensure secure and correct authorization for the use of a service.

Two-step authentication acts as an extra layer of security and is designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account. This process commonly involves entering your login credentials and receiving a second form of confirmation that can come in the form of an email, text message or a phone call.

How does it work?

Whenever you sign into Pairaphrase on a new device or browser, you will be prompted to go through our two-step authentication process. First, you will need to enter your login credentials including your email and password.

When you enter your login information you will be prompted with this message to check your email account or texts for an incoming email or text with a verification code.

The verification code will be sent to the email address or phone number that your account is set up in. Once accessed, you can copy and paste the generated verification code into your Pairaphrase login page.

Once you have done that, the two-step authentication process is completed and you can access Pairaphrase.

Why do we use it?

We take the protection and security of your translations seriously at Pairaphrase.  We implemented a two-step authentication process to guarantee that all of your translations are secure and safe from cyber attacks and third-party vendors.

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