The Pairaphrase API was designed to help companies deliver high-quality translations, from many file formats, stored in Translation Memories, easily across global departments and connect to company wide software applications.

Companies that regularly produce translations will see their Translation Memories become multilingual content management resources.
Developers can connect ERP, CMS, iOS and Android apps to your Translation Memories for continuous connectivity to translations and deliver the latest translations instantaneously.

The Pairphrase translation API will help your company reduce translations costs and time and effort. Every time you translate and edit files and documents using the Pairaphrase file translator and translation editing API calls you can also populate your company's Translation Memories. When you use the Pairaphrase API to add multilingual capabilities to your software your API calls will search for translation matches first. This saves you the time and expense of translating the same or similar content over and over again. 

If you have Translation Memories of your own, you can also upload them to Pairaphrase and use the Pairaphrase API to share those translations with other content creators in your organization.

This is how you can use the Pairaphrase API to reduce translation costs and deliver consistent translations across your global organization.

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