At Pairaphrase, we understand how tedious and time-consuming it is for you to manually format your newly translated file to match the original formatting. Our file language translation software uses auto-formatting, allowing you to translate a document and keep the original images intact. This goes for any of the 24 compatible file types!

Images, font properties, line and paragraph breaks are all encoded from the get-go so that you don't have to lift a finger when it comes to formatting your output file. Did we mention spell-checking? We made that automatic for you, too.


Many non-professional translation tools will make it a hassle to translate a file containing photos. Why? The new version will typically show misplaced or missing images. Having to go back and replace all the images that you've already formatted the first time around is a huge waste of time. When using the Pairaphrase File Translator, all the images provided in your original file will be transferred identically to the new file.

Font Properties

You no longer have to worry about losing a special font that your company uses during the translation process of your file. In Pairaphrase, we use auto-formatting so the fonts (and all their properties) that are used in your original file will be immediately transferred over to your translated one.

Line and Paragraph Breaks

The time you took to format the lines and paragraph breaks in your original files will be transferred exactly the same to the new translated file. When you use Pairaphrase, nothing in your new file will be out of uniform.

Scanned Documents

When using Pairaphrase's high-resolution OCR scanning, translating that stack of papers on your desk will never be easier. Not only does it save you from re-typing the entire document, but from reformatting everything as well. With just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your screen, our cloud-based document translation tool will allow you to scan and translate your document online.

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