Machine translation is the process of a computer software translating text from one language into another using translation software in pace of a human translator. There are basically three types of machine translation technologies. 

Rules-based Machine Translation (also known by the acronym RbMT) is the oldest commercial translation technology. As the name suggests, RbMT uses "rules" to produce translations. It uses custom dictionaries and constant tweaking to improve translation quality. 

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) is the process of using statistical data, patterns found within millions of documents to generate translations. SMT was pioneered by Warren Weaver in 1949 and made commercially viable by Google, via Google Translate. Until recently, statistical machine translation was the most used cloud-based translation technology. 

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) uses Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to produce translations. In most cases, NMT is used by Pairaphrase when you translate a file or gist text.

In most cases machine translation will create a credible "first" draft translation. The quality of the machine translation is dependent on several factors. More common languages, like Spanish, French and German, will produce the best results. Simple text and common subject matters will also get better results than complex text or rare subject matters. Poorly written text will produce poorer results and scanned documents that are illegible or have stamps, handwriting and other hard to OCR images will produce the worst results.

How to get the most from Machine Translation
How you write your text can dramatically affect your machine translation results. Shorter and more concise sentences will produce better results. Editing your machine translation first "drafts" using the Pairaphrase Translation Editor will improve your translation results by training the Pairaphrase machine translation editor on your words and phrases and by storing these translations in a Translation Memory. For help in getting the best quality from Pairaphrase, contact a Pairaphrase representative and we'll help you get the best quality from machine translation.

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