Pairaphrase’s translation software is the most secure, cloud-based translation software currently available on the market. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy as a user, create the best translation security and ideal experience possible.

When you use our cloud-based translation software, your organization does not need to worry about privacy concerns or data breaches. We have a high standard of security.

With Stripe as our payment processor, the credit card numbers or any type of payment info you enter will be protected and safely stored outside of our platform. Pairaphrase uses SSL-certified HTTPS protocol combined with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to protect our users’ personal data, documents, and translations.

But what does that mean? Crimes involving stolen data are at an all-time high, so encryption becomes necessary for just about any system in the cyber world.

To put it simply, messages being exchanged and ran through the Translation Wizard will be enclosed by code and jumbled to make a unique encryption key so that only the people who are authorized to read the text will be able to. At the same time, this prevents outsiders from hacking into the system in order to steal your private information.

Naturally, there are different levels of encryption for whatever service is being used, and Pairaphrase protects your information with the best of the best translation security.

Your information can also be kept safe if you implement two-step authentication. With this feature, your organization can set up an account where another user verification step will be put place after entering a username and password. This option is available to organizations when they choose a premium Pairaphrase plan—your data will remain confidential. Pairaphrase’s unparalleled security standard is one of the many reasons why successful, multinational companies choose our cloud translation platform over others.

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