Adding and disabling users is really easy with Pairaphrase. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner to navigate to your User Profile. Click on Manage Users on the left side of your screen. Note: only an Owner or an Admin can add or disable users.

To add a user, simply type in the email address of the new user that you would like to add to your plan and click on the send invite button. You can invite more than one user at a time, use a comma to separate the users emails addresses. Pairaphrase will send an email inviting the new user to your account. You can invite users with your company's domain or another domain.

Pairaphrase will also provide you with a List of the email addresses of other users with your domain in case you want to add them to your account. You will also find a List of all the users on your account and the number of seats remaining to help you manage your users.

To disable a user, simply click the disable button next to the users email that you want to remove from your account. This does not delete the user from Pairaphrase, it only removes them from your account.

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