Pairaphrase makes managing users easy. Pairaphrase provides three type of Roles: Owner, Admin and User.

The Owner is responsible for keeping your account in good standing

The owner is responsible for ensuring that payments are made on-time. Payment can be made via credit card, ACH, EFT or by check. If a payment is not made, the Pairaphrase application may not perform translations for your users.

Both the Owner and the Admin can view and manage users and user activity. Both Owners and Admins can invite, approve, assign users to groups and disable users. You can only have one Owner on an account.

The Admin can manage users and user permissions

Admins can manage users, view user audit trail and file time audit. Admins can invite, approve and disable users. Admins can assign users to Translation Memory Groups and set automatic log off permissions for all users.

Admins can edit Translation Memories and Glossaries. You can have more than one Admin on an account. Admins cannot manage payments.

Users can only Perform and Collaborate on Translations

Users can only perform translation tasks, users can choose MT engines and share files and collaborate with other users on translations. Users can manage their login identity verification preferences. Users cannot invite, approve or disable other users.

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