Some files that require translation may be highly confidential. That may be one of the reasons why you or your organization chose Pairaphrase as your translation software. Confidential files can be "locked" and "password protected" to ensure that the contents of these files cannot be changed and to control the file permissions. 

What are Password Protected Files?
Confidential Excel, MS-Word and PDF files can be "locked' by the file author to disable editing and other features. Password protected files can usually be opened, viewed and even printed but cannot be changed otherwise.

Password protected files cannot be translated. You must open the file in the file format software and remove password protection before you can translate the file. You can view the properties of a file to determine the security level of the file.

How to Remove Password Protection
You will need to open the file in the file format software and remove the password protection before translating. As long as you have the password for the file a quick Google or Bing search will provide you with directions on how to change the security settings of the file in your software application. 

If you do not have the password you will need to obtain it from the person that you obtained the file from. Once password protection has been removed you should be able to successfully translate your file.

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