Did you know that Pairaphrase and InDesign make a great team? They work together to dramatically reduce the time it takes to both translate and format InDesign files. Pairaphrase eliminates the "cut & paste" process that most companies use to produce translated InDesign files. Pairaphrase can return a translated and formatted InDesign file in seconds and minutes versus hours and weeks using the "cut & paste" workflow.

How does this work? All you need to do is open your InDesign file in InDesign and save your file as an '.idml' file. That's it! Now you can upload, translate and edit your .idml file. Pairaphase will preserve your InDesign file's formatting and attempt to visually match your original file as closely as possible. Pairaphrase will dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort you spend formatting translated InDesign files.

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