The Pairaphrase Translation Wizard is a tool within the Pairaphrase Translation Management system, and it's the perfect resource for when you need to quickly translate confidential emails and dialogue between colleagues.

Pairaphrase is among the most simple and safe translation software currently on the market. Our system does all the hard work so that you’re able to focus on what’s important without the confusing toolbars or cluttered interface for you to figure out. Simply type the text you want to be translated into the Translation Wizard, select your target language, and click “translate.”

With Pairaphrase, it is quite literally as easy as one, two, three.

Most translation engines use the same framework as Microsoft and Google, but what really sets Pairaphrase above the rest is that our platform uses Dynamic Machine Learning.

Pairaphrase learns your words and phrases as you use the File Translator, which is a tool that allows you to quickly translate batches of files. The File Translator gives you a first-draft translation and tells you which segments of text need to be reviewed by a human translator. This is where you get the opportunity to train Pairaphrase by making edits to the first draft translation.

The edits are stored as Translation Memories, which means Pairaphrase will recall the edit you made and apply it to future translations.

The more you do this, the better your experience will be with achieving high-quality translations from both the File Translator and the Translation Wizard. And it will particularly help with translating content needed specifically for your company or organization (specialized vocabulary, jargon and abstract concepts).

The more edits you make, the less time you spend in the future using a human translator to achieve accurate translations. Your Translation Memory bank is privately accessible and contains all of your organization’s previous translation edits.

It can also be made available only to designated members of your organization and deleted at any time. After editing a translation for a snippet of text, you can share a draft of the edit with your bilingual colleagues or your translation professional for their own editing contributions.

Pairaphrase's simple sharing feature makes for the most ideal communication experience possible.

Pairaphrase's secure confidentiality of your translated content is something that is unmatched compared to free translation software available on the internet. At Pairaphrase we use a SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, as well as a secure SSL certified https protocol during the translation process.

No saved information will be indexed or stored in search engines or sold to third parties. Pairaphrase protects your internal communications so you won't risk costing your organization massive amounts of money in data breaches.

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