What Is Gisting?

There are many different tools available when using machine translation.

Some give you a word for word translation, and some are used to gather only the most important parts of the text and then provide a summary—gisting is the common term used to describe this method.

Gisting takes a piece of foreign spoken or written text and looks for the main idea. 

It's not meant to be a perfect translation, it's used more for users to get an understanding of what's being talked about. It is a valuable tool when needing to find the main point of a large document in a time-sensitive matter.

It is most beneficial to use gisting for internal communications because it is not always necessary for that type of information (such as internal documents and dialogue), to be totally accurate. You should not use it for external company content or deliverables. Gisting does not always recognize company-specific terms and can misrepresent the information you want coming from your business. Keep in mind that the more content you need to be translated, the harder it may be to get an accurate gist of the main idea.

Google Translate is the most popular software used for gisting. It is appealing to most companies because it's free, accessible online and quick to use. Unfortunately, once you use Google Translate, your data is no longer safe. Any confidential information in the content of what you want to be translated becomes free game to anyone online who wants to steal or use your company's data.

How To Get The Best Gisting Quality

To mitigate the risk of data breaches and confidential information being stolen due to gisting, it is essential for your company to use secure translation software, such as Pairaphrase, when translating content to a foreign language. Another benefit of using a secure translation software like Pairaphrase is that over time, our system will remember company-specific terms. Doing so will truly improve the quality of your basic translations and make your gisting experience more accurate than it would be anywhere else.

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