Most of our users have asked themselves the same question: why pay for Pairaphrase when search engines, like Google or Microsoft Bing, offer language translators online for free?

The most direct answer is that Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translator are for quick simple translations, while Pairaphrase offers more extensive, accurate, and secure translations. Free systems don't provide document security, nor do they have the capabilities of large document translations or even account management.

Google Translate has a tendency to translate every phrase word for word, which can easily lead to misguided interpretations. When translating between two foreign languages, Google Translate first translates submissions to English as the intermediary language. This increases the chance of your translation being misinterpreted or, even worse, completely irrelevant to what you are trying to say.

Its also common practice for search engine language translators to store your translations. Whether they are personal or sensitive, Google Translate and Microsoft Bing retain those translations into their databases unprotected, which can put your privacy and security at risk.

Pairaphrase's accuracy and usability gives you peace of mind with your translations that free online translators just can't offer.  Whether you are translating a short conversational piece for a trip abroad or translating a long business proposal to share with international clients, Pairaphrase makes sure what you want to say is being conveyed in the best way possible.

The value of using Pairaphrase is having the ability to translate short or long messages effortlessly and add security to your searches and translations.

Pairaphrase also has the capabilities of translating the main idea of the snippet into the desired language, known as the "gist." Oftentimes, a phrase, saying, or sentence in English does not have an exact translation to other foreign languages. Pairaphrase's "gisting" feature effectively delivers a translation even if it is not word for word.

With a Pairaphrase account comes guaranteed security within your translations. No translations will be saved, shared, or stored. Both our File Translator and Translation Wizard have heightened security to ensure what you are translating stays with just you.

Three core values to remember when using Pairaphrase are:

  1. Security

  2. Intelligence

  3. Speed

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