What is Translation Alignment?

Translation alignment is the act of taking existing text and creating Translation Memories or TermBases to improve translation quality. Using Translation Memory tools, source and target text can be "aligned" to create TMX and TBX files and imported into Pairaphrase. 

How Does it Work?
Source and target text is extracted from a file(s),  Almost any file format can have it's text extracted from, including; Excel, InDesign, PDF, PowerPoint and MS-Word files. The extracted text is then aligned to match the source and target languages together creating either a Translation Memory or a Term Base in the process.

What are the Benefits?
Translation Memory and TermBases improve translation quality and lower costs by re-using previous translations. Previous translations are used to "train' the machine translation to use your company's specific words and phrases. 

How Do I Get Started?
Identify documents with repetitive text that you want to align to create Translation Memories and Term Bases and contact your Pairaphrase representative.

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