eLearning Translation Costs and Development Time

Pairaphrase helps reduce eLearning translation costs and development time with features catered to every member of an eLearning development team.

eLearning translation becomes extremely costly due to the large amount of time that's often required for it. eLearning courses and technologies are often the first things to get cut from a budget, despite being an extremely valuable resource when onboarding new hires. With Pairaphrase, eLearning translations can be produced easily and efficiently.

Pairaphrase Features that Lower eLearning Translation Costs

File Formatting

Reformatting files back to their original structure after they've been translated is a complete waste of time. Pairaphrase's file translator software uses file formatting preservation so that you never need to adjust images, font properties, or line and paragraph breaks that you have already done the first time around.

Using our batch translation feature, Pairaphrase quickly and simultaneously translates multiple files and file types that you might provide to students as reference materials within your courses, as well as dozens of file types to allow you the flexibility to develop a wide array of future course offerings to market globally for eLearning designers.

Audio Translations for eLearning

Many eLearning courses contain content that needs to be translated into high-quality audio, and most translation software doesn't have the ability to translate anything aside from text. Fortunately, Pairaphrase has developed a text-to-audio output for voiceovers. Within Pairaphrase, you can create “Siri/Alexa-quality” voiceovers from one language to another within minutes, instead of weeks. This allows you to produce instant voice-overs at a fraction of the cost of a human audio voice-over service.


Pairaphrase allows you to share translations with designated, authorized users, and edit together in real-time. It also provides translation tracking so that you can view user edit history by each segment. It offers translation data security by encrypting your source text and translations over a secure connection. Our software then places all original and translated files in encrypted storage and uses data centers that are SSAE16 SOC1 and ISO27001 compliant. To ensure optimum security a two-step authentication option can be put in place.

Translation Memory

Pairaphrase's Translation Memory feature allows teams to store their text in a bilingual central repository so it is available for reuse on future eLearning translation projects. Translation Memory allows the human translation of words and phrases specific to your organization. This is especially important for specialized vocabulary and technical terminology used in various eLearning subjects and industries.

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