Before using Pairaphrase, most of our customers were emailing documents and files back and forth between colleagues across the globe to complete translations. Bilingual staff members who work in various departments typically produce these translations; from marketing to engineering and almost every department in between. These are busy middle managers with little free time, asked to produce translations on top of their day-to-day responsibilities.

These were usually MS-Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel files. They would typically cut & paste translations into these files and email them back to the original sender. They are, what we call, "non-professional" translators who did not know that there were professional technologies out there to help them produce translations a lot faster and a whole lot easier. These companies experienced first-hand that translations require a lot more time and effort than anticipated.

So, we decided to put "professional translator" technologies into these managers' hands. These technologies include machine translation, translation memory, dynamic machine learning, and automatic file formatting. All powered by perpetually improving neural translation engines and robust algorithms. These are the same technologies that professional translation companies and translators use to drive down costs and dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to produce high-quality translations.

Pairaphrase reduces costs by performing the majority of the translation tasks for you and reducing the complexity of the translation process. Users only need to change words and phrases. Pairaphrase does the rest. Pairaphrase produces a first translation draft for you. Users can then edit the translations themselves, or share the translation with their colleagues who complete translations for them. These users only need to change the words and phrases, or segments, as we call them, to their preferences, and Pairaphrase does the rest. Pairaphrase will then store your translations in a Translation Memory for future reuse and format your file to closely match the original document, all in in seconds and minutes!

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