Pairaphrase uses Dynamic Machine Learning technology to learn your words and phrases (we call them segments) and continuously improve your translation quality. When you edit a document we do two things; we store those edited segments for reuse with translation memory software and we train our machine translation engine to continuously improve translation quality.

Dynamic learning works when you use the File Translator and edit the translation in the Translation Editor. When you edit a translation, Pairaphrase will apply your changes to other identical text segments. These text segments are called repetitions. When you edit and change your translations, Pairaphrase stores the updated translations in your Translation Memory for later reuse. This is the same technology that all the leading translation companies and professional translators use to produce high-quality translations in significantly less time and at less cost. Dynamic Learning works in the background as you edit and helps reduce the effort and time it takes to edit and review translations.

Pairaphrase also uses your edits to train it's machine translation engine. Machine translation engines are not static technologies. Powered by AI, the Pairaphrase machine translation engine improves daily with your usage. Every time you edit a translation in the Pairaphrase Translation Editor you are improving the quality of future translations. Here's a short video on how dynamic machine learning learns your words and phrase.

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